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Borosıcate Glass Tube

Borosilicate glass 3.3 tubes

Glass tubing for further applications

Schot Glass tubing and rods are uniquely suited for a very diverse range of applications. Whether it’s for use in large-scale industrial plants or engineering and designing laboratories chemical apparatus and environmental technology Duran’s unique

Borosilicate Glass Tube

Today, SCHOT Tubing produces 60 different special glass types in an extremely wide range of dimensions. The properties of each glass type are focused on its intended use. Whereas some glass types are designed exclusively for one particular task, others are very versatile in regard to their range of application.Glass tubing, capillary and rods are uniquely suited for a very diverse range of applications.
Whether it’s for use in large-scale industrial plants or engineering and designing laboratories, chemical apparatus and environmental technology Duran’s unique qualities make it extremely versatile. It offers high temperature resistance and minimal thermal expansion as well as high corrosion resistance to acids, salt solutions, caustic solutions and organic substances. In view of the wide range of dimensions offered, DURAN® is not only used for test tubes, filter apparatus and flowmeters, but also for refrigeration and distillation systems. Other applications are pipeline construction for chemical and waste water plants, heat exchangers, gas desulphurization plants, solar collectors and explosion-proof lamps.

Glass PipeDimensions Ø x mm)Wall Thickness mm.Length Ø x mm)Dimensions mmWall Thickness mm.Length mm.
Glass Tubes4x2.40,801500 34x302,001500
Glass Tubes5x3.40,801500 36x322,001500
Glass Tubes6x4.20,901500 36x303.001500
Glass Tubes8x61.001500 38x32.42.801500
Glass Tubes9x71.001500 40x35.42.301500
Glass Tubes9x6.61.201500 40x343.001500
Glass Tubes10x81.001500 40x305.001500
Glass Tubes10x71.501500 50x405.001500
Glass Tubes10x5.62.201500 60x505.001500
Glass Tubes12x7.62.201500 80x705.001500
Glass Tubes11x6.62.201500 70x605.001500
Glass Tubes12.5x10.31.101500 90x805.001500
Glass Tubes13x8.62.201500 100x905.001500
Glass Tubes14x9.62.201500 110x1005.001500
Glass Tubes15x11.41.801500 120x1143.001500
Glass Tubes16x122.001500 120x1105.001500
Glass Tubes17x122.501500 130x1243.001500
Glass Tubes18x132.501500 130x1205.001500
Glass Tubes19x15.41.801500 140x1305.001500
Cam Boru20x152.501500 140x1267.001500
Glass Tubes22x172.501500 150x1405.001500
Glass Tubes24x193.001500 180x1705.001500
Glass Tubes26x224.001500 200x1905.001500
Glass Tubes28x22.42.801500 250x2405.001500
Glass Tubes30x262.001500 300x2905.001500
Glass Tubes32x282.001500 300x2829.001500

Borosıcate Glass 3.3 Tubes

Borosilicate glass 3.3 tubes

  • Highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and heat, ideal laboratory glassware for chemical processes and other processes where large amounts of heat are generated
  • Highly resistant to corrosion caused by water, acids, saline solutions, alkaline solutions and organic substances, for durable products in corrosive environments
  • High optical and cosmetic quality allows high yields during processing (no undesirable reflections or refractions)
  • Chemically inert and non-combustible, borosilicate glass 3.3 is ideal for reaction vessels or sight glasses

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Glass Tube & Rod Thermal & chemical stability Drawn tubing and rod products are manufactured using the latest technology that yields pristine surfaces that are smooth and pore-free, perfectly transparent, and corrosion-resistant Simax tube, rods, profiles and capillary tubes are used in the production of laboratory glassware, industrial apparatus, pilot plants, pipelines, drainage, solar collectors, and light fittings to name just a few.


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