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Acrylic Plexiglass Applıcatıons

Plexiglass and acrylic applıcatıons

Can make transparent milky white colored the printing opacity is more than 90%Pipes’thinckness length andcolor .It can accord to customer’ request. The products are mainly for the lighting furniture toys and gifts industries.

 Acrylic  and Plexiglass applıcatıons

Şark Plexi acrylic tubes for over 30 years, our quality and service is the best two items to promote ourselves. Acrylic tube has very good weather resistance. Our technology and the best raw material on the market ensure the high purity, brightness and transparency. It is suitable for store fixtures and trade show displays


Acrylic plastic light tube

Acrylic LED plastic tube

Acrylic plastic street light tube,

Acrylic plastic tube transport

Acrylic plastic tube rail station

Acrylic plastic tube subway station

Acrylite plastic tubing industry

Acrylic plastic decorative tube

Acrylic plastic square tube

Acrylic plastic tube outdoor light

Acrylic plastic tube for food

Acrylic tube garden light

Acrylic tube packaging

Acrylic tube containers

Acrylic mailing tubes

Acrylic candy tubes

Acrylic rigid tubing


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